My heart says it’s okay to be uncertain. It’s okay to worry…



As I am writing this, the people in my place are experiencing trauma due to the 6.5 earthquake and series of aftershocks. This is my first write up and this sounds sad. Unusual to every beginning. But that’s how life should be. Not everything starts with a beautiful and well sketched beginning.

Well, what’s in my heart right now? In my heart right now is the sense of being uncertain. We are living in uncertainties. Every minute we have to choose, every hour we have to decide, every day we think of our future. But everything is uncertain. We’re uncertain if what we’re choosing are the right for us. We’re uncertain if our decisions are good for us and we’re uncertain of what the future offers for us.

Times of crisis made people realize that everything is uncertain, we do our best to live everyday, we work hard and all but in just one snap, in just one quake, in just one typhoon, in just one fire, in just one accident – everything you’ve worked all your life for seems pointless. We’re not certain if we’ll still be breathing hours from now. We’re not certain either if the treasures and wealth we have will still be ours minutes from now. And we are not certain if the people we value will still be there seconds from now.

What’s the only certain in this world then? I’ve been reflecting with a book I’ve been reading. The book said that nothing in this world is certain, only one thing. “We are made for eternity.” That’s the only certain in this world.

We always worry for the future in this life, but we do not worry on the future of our life ahead. Our eternal life. We care, choose, decide, act and love for the things that could offer satisfaction to our uncertain life heDSC_0341-01[1].jpegre on earth. What about our certain afterlife? Do we do things that could guarantee the certainty of our afterlife? These questions linger in my mind. I do believe that we live not just in this life, but we live for life ahead where there is no death, no ending. It’s a dead end.

My heart right now says that it’s okay to be uncertain and to worry for my job right now. For my career in the future, for my family who are now experiencing trauma, for the man I broke up with and for other things. “It’s okay to worry,” my heart says. “But turn your worries to prayer. Turn your worries into action. Do good. Love your job right now. Work your future. Express your love and care to your family. Value your relationships with people and DO THESE THINGS IN ACCORDANCE TO THE CREATOR’S WILL,” my heart added.

That’s it. I don’t know how to end this, if I’ll not stop we’ll be talking in circles. So, for the finale, let’s live in certainty in God’s state of grace.